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8 thoughts on “Introduction to a local Savings Group, Sierra Leone.”

  1. Stunning photos Annie, sounds like a great project and what an honour to be there on that particular day, sounds like you have had an incredible trip.

  2. The familiarity of this place for me is so amazing. I am from the Philippines and yet looking at the photos that you have shared here and at instgram made me realized how it feels and looks a lot like my home. Thanks for sharing your journey. The photos are beautiful and you have captured the beauty of every one. At first I love the colours (dresses and surrounding) but what I love most is that brightness in their eyes and their smiles. Yes I am emotional haha.

  3. Just came back to look at these photos again. They’re stunning Annie. This sounds like SUCH an inspiring project to visit. xxx

  4. Fantastic. All of it. The project, the work that goes into it, the people, the photos, you. X

  5. it’s a fantastic project and a great community initiative, there are similar local schemes i’ve been involved with in South Africa

  6. Wonderful Annie – the women and children, the project, your coverage and photos. Microfinance projects run by women can make such a difference.

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