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4 thoughts on “(insert all the emotions here)”

  1. I know them feels… I’m getting ready to change my camera and it’s going to be hard. I love my camera, but it’s time for a change. Hold onto all those captured memories, and look forward to all the new ones with your new camera x

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous and i so know how you feel. i know that you will make just as many wonderful memories and take just as many wonderful pictures with your new nikon though. xx

  3. Hello, I am new to following your Blog and I love this post. I recently let go of my Mamiya, because I haven’t had the time to use and enjoy it, so I had to let it go, hoping it will go to a better home with someone who can appreciate it for what it produces and has the time, that I do not. I hope that you are enjoying your new camera. I am getting a 50mm lens I also let go of, back, because I miss it too much right now.

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