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2 thoughts on “I’m Breaking Up With A Simple Life”

  1. This is very, very interesting to me. I’m all for relative simplicity and minimalism. But not in a competitive way – I was raised by antique dealing clutter fiends and I take great comfort in that way of living now. There is no joy for me in stark surroundings. I crave colour and texture and the ephemera of a life. And having just come out of a relationship with someone whose minimalism absolutely did not bring joy to either of us, I’ve felt burned by the whole thing. What I seek really, is balance. Thoughtful consumerism, surrounding myself with the things that I really love. And seeking a Big Life in adventures – of which I have an endless wish list. Mindfulness will help me to keep peace with my everyday life, but I want to live a big, messy, ambitious life, in many many ways.

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