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0 thoughts on “How to make a Yarn Teepee (Tipi)”

  1. Ooh I LOVE that – ruddy gorgeous! We made something similar in our lounge once, so we could watch Glastonbury on the telly from inside it while wearing welly boots and drinking warm cider. Didnt have any mud for full authenticity tho!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I love this idea Annie!

    I have a basket of wool which in all honestly I’ll never knit with, so I think there’s only one answer! I love the idea of keep adding to it as well, maybe I’ll take some canes and wool on our next big group camping trip, the kids would love to do it!

  3. Love it!! Great photos (as always) πŸ™‚ I always intend to plant bamboo and make tunnels etc, so much fun!

  4. I love this idea – a great little activity to keep the kids busy. We have just bought ourselves a tipi to go camping in so the kids will really engage with making their own! x

  5. Awesomeness! You make it look so simple. I have been thinking about a teepee for the garden, but hadn’t gotten around the logistics of it blowing away…we might have to be erecting a teepee very soon. Once they have yarned it all up, they could also weave in some plants and other treasures…you are going to have some great pow wows in there over the summer!

  6. This is so fabulous, I’ve earmarked it as a summer project for us over the long 6 weeks, so thanks v much!

  7. How creative is this!? It’s gorgeous! I’ll bet Kitty and Ozzy loved doing this. It’s so pretty. X

  8. I think if you created sections and wove the wool around each section that would be the best way. Technically I don’t see why you couldn’t wrap and move it , but I haven’t tried it!

  9. Brilliant! One to add for a possible Activity Hour here at Coombe Mill, a genius idea.

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