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8 thoughts on “How Ebola affected schoolchildren in Sierra Leone”

  1. oh Annie. I cannot imagine how hard it was to hear those stories first hand from those girls, or to recount them as you looked at the photos and wrote this post at home.

    When we think of Ebola we often just think of the disease itself and trying to stop its spread. It is easy to forget, or to chose to ignore, the ripple effect it causes. The children who become orphans. The lack of money. The missing education. The rapes. The still births. The deaths of these babies having babies of their own.

    Thank you for being brave enough to go on this trip and thank you for being brave enough to tell the story. It would have been easy for you to concentrate on the positives that World Vision are helping to put into place but I do think it is important to tell these stories too. So people realise that just because ebola is no longer a threat, the legacy it leaves is still very real.

    I am sending you a big hug and I cant wait to hear more updates as you sponsor Jebbeh over the next few years

  2. Annie, thank you so much for telling their story. Bless your heart.

    A few of my friends helped out during the outbreak and I know how hard it was for them. Thank you for bringing some (beautiful) faces to the stories and empowering these girls by shedding light on what they are going through so it does not go unnoticed.


  3. It’s heartbreaking to hear what these girls have gone through but so uplifting to see that they now hope in their future. What also really struck me by each of their stories is that their wishes are to learn and be educated so that they one day can help others. So powerful hearing their individual stories.

  4. Oh my goodness Annie, heart wrenching stuff, there are so many sad stories but I found that people living in communities hit by these kind of massive catastrophes just sort of got on with it. So pleased you got to meet your sponsored child, we woudl love to meet ours, we’ve been sponsoring for around 12 years now and really feel as if we know them. Mich x

  5. Gosh Annie, this post had me welling up. How wonderful to know you will be able to be involved in Jebbeh’s story for the long haul… Absolutely amazing. So inspiring to hear how the girls experience has led all of them to want to go into the health profession, to make a difference where others have failed them… So tragic. Thank you for sharing the amazing work of this charity. Such sad, sad stories, but such hope… Absolutely amazing

  6. Hi Annie, I came across your touching article because I am a sponsor for World Vision. I would like to share something on a more personal level with you. If you would contact me by email I would appreciate it.

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