108. How Does Your Garden Grow? Roses in the Walled Garden, Mottisfont

Roses at the Walled Garden, Mottisfont
Roses at the Walled Garden, Mottisfont

I was so frustrated and annoyed with myself that I couldn’t get to the Garden of the Rose Meet Up on Sunday that I sulked, a lot. But yesterday I managed to get to local National Trust run Mottisfont to get a rose scented pick me up. This is the best time of the year, in my opinion, to visit Mottisfont as the Walled Garden full of roses comes into bloom. You may recall I visited last year and it’s a visit that stays with you. The air is full of the heady scent of roses and the roses themselves have foxgloves, alliums, iris and clematis to name but a few interspersed between them which makes for the prettiest sights. As you know the written word is not really my forte, so take a look for yourselves…


Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses

— Alphonse Karr



An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup

— H.L. Mencken


Roses, Mottisfont
Roses, Mottisfont

If you are keen on visiting, Mottisfont are open late this week whilst the Walled Garden is in bloom, until 8pm (last entry 7.30pm) today, Saturday and Sunday this week.

And breatheeeee… So I *might* have gone overboard with the photos. Thanks to all who joined in last week, we had a couple of late joiner-inners so I will re-link those back up this week. Some faves from lat week include: Pretty pink frangipani, the June garden, out and about posts from Open Gardens at Crowcombe Somerset & Bolsover Castle, someone falling in love with their garden & here, beautiful photos with some spritely music to accompany and a really interesting interview with Jow Swift (totally agree with him, it would be good to see horticulture being taught in schools) .

Who wants some final cheese? Papasaurus asked me who I was going to the rose garden with and when I replied ‘no one’ he tagged along – and took this during the morning. I cringe at photos of myself but the roses do help jolly me up I think πŸ˜‰

Annie Spratt
Annie Spratt


  • Location | Mottisfont, Romsey | nationaltrust.org.uk/mottisfont
  • Practical | Creating a Rose Garden for the 21st Century | rhs.org.uk/Gardens/Partner-gardens/articles/Rose-combinations
  • Editing | VSCO Film 7 | vsco.co/film
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    1. Oooooh – summer in single blog post, I can almost smell all those roses! A house where Simon does grass mowing has the most fabulous orange rose growing up the wall but it is absolutely scentless πŸ™ It’s like seeing a gorgeous cake and then finding out it isn’t real so you can’t eat it.

    2. i love the roses such eye candy and I am just getting round to planting some in my space. However I Love love love that picture of you, your the loveliest rose there

    3. how gorgeous!!! roses were never my favorite but have grown on me with age. and how sweet that he tagged along with you and even sweeter to snap your lovely picture since we are always behind the camera. xx

    4. So romantic and you went there on a hubby date too. Awww. Love this month for the roses. I need to go to my Nana’s garden as she has so many roses – possibly next week’s post πŸ™‚ Looks a beautiful place, they really are one of my favourite blooms. They definitely should teach kids horticulture at school or at least all have gardening clubs.

    5. Aw Pappasaurus is a love! And so are you, what a gorgeous photo of you and a great idea for a day out. And you are a fab writer, so I refuse to say how amazing those pictures are πŸ˜‰

    6. Lovely photo of you Annie, you look very relaxed and happy. I don’t think its possible to have too many photos of things like this. I can only imagine how good all those roses would have smelt πŸ™‚ Our yellow rose in the front garden has quite a lot of flowers on at the moment and they smell gorgeous. I’m torn between leaving them in the garden to look nice or snipping a few for the coffee table and leaving holes in my bush … just read back over that last bit, sounds rather rude!!

    7. Mottisfont is great isn’t it? I’ve only been once but I thought it was a beautiful garden. The magnolia was in bloom then so it was too early for roses, aren’t they stunning! We have three roses in our garden… a bush rose which we inherited with the garden is going great guns this year… one we planted a couple of years ago which didn’t flower last year (and to be honest I’d forgotten about), but while I was tidying the border this week I discovered it again and the flowers are gorgeous! We also have a ‘claire austin’ (which I really thought I’d killed last year by leaving it in the pot for ages), but now it’s planted in the border we have buds, exciting! Really lovely photo of you too! x

    8. Oooh those roses look wonderful. I’d love to visit there. That reminds me, I am dying to identify the most heavenly rose in our local park and keep meaning to visit a specialist rose nursery at a time when they’re all in bloom. Must go soon!

      Hope you don’t mind, but I linked up twice this week as I wrote two garden visit posts. (I think I need a bit of a blog re-brand since I really only ever seem to write about gardens / gardening these days, ha ha.)

    9. Stuff not being good with words you loon. This post is gorgeous. Where it the scratch and sniff plug in? For the roses… not for you. THat would be too odd.

    10. Oh, I can almost smell the roses, just beautiful! And, you can never have too many pretty flower photos πŸ™‚ Lovely photo of you too Annie, you look very calm and happy sitting in front of those gorgeous roses x

    11. Oh just lovely Annie – wish I could smell those roses! I love the quotes too (may have to start doing that too, as writing is not my forte either – I just wanna share pics hehe). My roses are starting to come now too in the garden. I had feared I had pruned them back too much, but I think they needed it as are looking really good so far!!

      Looks a great place to visit. I do so love a walled garden πŸ™‚ Great pic of you at the end too, nice to see your lovely face x

    12. You visit the best places, and take such wonderful photos, that I can almost imagine I’m there too.
      The roses are simply beautiful, those mixed in with the cornflowers look especially wonderful.
      And I love the final cheese, you are fab behind and in-front of the lens.

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