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0 thoughts on “Hitchin Lavender, 2015”

  1. GORGEOUS images. Apparently Hitchin have a sunflower field too? We keep meaning to take a wander down there, but I’m hoping to time it with the sunflowers.

    I’d love to meet you and Hayley. We could have the best photographer’s playdate ever.

  2. Stunning, stunning photos. I’d love to visit a lavender field, they look so incredible and I imagine they smell even better!

  3. Absolutely stunning photos Annie- Hitchin Lavender is one of our favourites, we have been every year for the last three years, we will go back again when we eventually get our Summer back. 😉 x

  4. I’m feeling sleepy and relaxed just looking at these photos 🙂 I went to a local lavender farm last year but it wasn’t nearly as big as Hitchen. Still nice but I’d like to stroll through something like this one day. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. these are so amazing Annie!!! i hope to one day see this with my own eyes. it is on my list. your blog is looking fab these days also. xx

  6. Wow. Look at all that rolling lavender – it looks amazing. I can’t believe I haven’t been here – Hitchin isn’t that far from where I live! Phenomenal colour! X

  7. Hitchin lavender is a perfect inspiration for wedding. I am surely going to use Hitchin theme in my wedding decoration. Love the way you present this pretty flower.

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