Hillarys Signature Blind Fitting Service

As regular readers may know, my husband works shifts, which means that twice a week he works night shifts. As for many people who work night shifts there are challenges when it comes to getting a good mornings sleep. Firstly for people working night shifts with young families there’s the issue of noise and then there’s the issue of daylight. Now you would think that just closing the curtains would block out sunlight but oh no no no, especially not in the Summer months.

Here at Chez Spratt we already rock the black out curtains but light still comes in, so we looked into blinds to work alongside the blackout blinds. So when we were asked if we would like to try out the Signature Service that Hillarys Blinds offer recently, we gave an enthusiastic ‘yes please!’.

Wooden blinds
Wooden blinds

Home Appointment

One of Hillarys Advisors, a lovely chap named Ray, visited us at home at a time that suited us to discuss our needs. Ever such a friendly chap, he looked at the window and asked us what we wanted and we asked him what he suggested over a cup of tea. He recommended the 50mm width slats for the window sizes we wished to cover and walked us through the options and prices.  Ray explained the fitting service thoroughly and was respectful and knowledgeable.

We found making a choice easy and were more than satisfied with the service we received, so much so that we placed an order for blinds for two windows, one for our bedroom and one for the lounge. This means that as well as reviewing the service we also purchased blinds for an additional window (I think that’s an important fact to mention as it shows how impressed with the service at this point).


The blinds were made to measure. Ray was responsible for measuring the window for the blinds and in the event that his measurements were out, which they weren’t – he’s been measuring and fittings blinds for 15 years so he knows his stuff, but if a mistake had been made then it would have been rectified at no cost to us.

Expert Fitting

Ray rang us to arrange a fitting date, and arrived promptly, tool bag and blinds in hand. Once again he was friendly and respectful and set to work. Once the blinds were fitted he talked us through operating them and, knowing we have children, he paid particular attention to informing us about the cords lock, a safety device which keeps the blinds cord securely out of reach. Hillarys are committed to providing free child safety devices to any home with blinds.

We are thrilled with the fitted blinds, in the lounge it means no more sunlight streaming into our eyes in the morning and in the bedroom it means more privacy and much darker mornings post-night shifts. The blind quality is great, the fitting quality is great, Ray the advisor was great and the difference they have made is, well, frankly great. I love how our bedroom has benefitted from the blinds, making the whole room feel more mellow, see that lovely light softly streaming in on the flowers below, it’s just heavenly to wake up to.

Would I recommend the service? Yes indeedy and with a free consultation service why not at least check it out?

Extra info:

You can book a Free home appointmemt by calling 0800 916 6565 or visit Hillarys.co.uk

For more info and to order a free child safety device for blinds, you can visit www.makeitchildsafe.co.uk

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