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6 thoughts on “HDYGG – Mother’s Garden”

  1. your mum’s garden is so many dreams. beautiful shots Annie. and i too am so happy to see autumn although yesterday felt like summer again. xx -Claudia

  2. I know the Air Balloon pub, that’s my old stomping ground.
    I love those old books and they must have seemed to fresh and modern when they were first published. Now they draw us back to an age long gone.

    No time to join in with #HDYGG for a couple of weeks as I am gong to be away so I’ll see you all later πŸ™‚

  3. I am very much an autumn person but this year, never ever felt this before, I’ve missed summer – perhaps I’ve not felt ready for the allotment plot did not produce the way it usually does so we have unfinished business. However, autumn will always be the best season and I love the mixture of seed heads and flowers and the feeling of winding down. Love your mum’s vintage bits and pieces, always like a virtual mooch around.

  4. I too love autumn and I’m on my way to the U.K. with a suitcase full of wet weather gear, sadly I’m traveling for a funeral but looking forward to seeing family and some cooler weather

  5. Autumn is such a great time – it’s not so cold that we are all utterly miserable and the rain hasn’t stopped too much play. The colours are just wonderful. We love to take flora and fauna and use them in our product photoshoots at the moment – there’s so much texture and colour to be captured in them! And when the sun breaks through, well. It’s just lovely.

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