Grown up festive Boozy Doughnuts

My children lose their tiny minds over an iced ring doughnut. I, on the other hand, have never really been fussed over ring doughnuts. They lack the jam of a classic doughnut, a lack that cannot be made up for with a sprinkling of sugar.

Whilst out hunting down figs from the greengrocers in Brockenhurst earlier in the week I spied some giant ring doughnuts in the bakery, they caught my eye and I was impressed with their bigger-than-a-grown-mans-hand size. So I bought some and headed home, wondering just what to do with them.

Boozy doughnuts. A way to use up some of the little bottle of brandy bought for Stir Up Sunday’s Christmas pud making sesh. Hmmm, brandy…. ginger! And it was born.

Brandy, stem ginger and orange doughnuts



(ices 4 huge doughnuts)
150g mascarpone
100ml double cream
30ml brandy
5 tbsp. icing sugar
Handful of chopped crystalised stem ginger
One large orange



In a mixing bowl, whisk up the mascarpone and cream until it’s giving soft peaks. 
Add in the brandy and mix.
Pop in the stem ginger and stir with a spoon.
Ice the doughnuts
Grate the zest of the large orange over the doughnuts.
Dive in!


NB: Rather boozy – not a good idea to eat a whole one before the school run #justsayin #dontaskhowIknowthis

FEar not, I made booze-free cherry topped one’s for the kids…

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