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0 thoughts on “Grower Spaces: Susan, Charente Maritime department, South West France”

  1. I have garden envy! We are lucky in that we do have a garden, I spent many years living in flats without one. My favourite part of ours has to be our cherry tree. We’re also encouraging our 5 year old to plant seeds and look after them.
    However, we have very limited space and the garden is on a slope, so we can’t put a table outside in case people just roll backwards when they sit at it! Part of the ground needs to be dug out and really it is just such a big job to do properly that we keep putting off because of time or money. I can only dream of a garden like the one above, it is beautiful.

  2. I am not surprised she loves her ride on mower, I think I would with that much space to mow. What a beautiful garden, I would never be able to look after a garden like that but I often wish that we had a garden with different areas for different things like that. It is really stunning and in a beautiful part of the world too.

  3. What a fabulous garden, so inspiring and so relaxing. I would love to be a child playing there or the mum reading a book, tending the veggie plot or drinking tea. It looks perfectly idyllic.

  4. That just looks idyllic – I want a Summer Kitchen!

    Imagine being a child and growing up with a garden space like that – yours are very lucky Susan x x

  5. What an absolute oasis Susan has there, and all those veggies, wonderful. Mich x

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