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0 thoughts on “Gardens in August (hdygg 120)”

  1. coming here makes me realize that my life is lacking beautiful gardens and flowers. yup. and Kitty….. ๐Ÿ™ that breaks my heart. i hope she has better days ahead. she’s such a sweetie. xx

  2. i’m so inspired by how brilliant these last few weeks of summer are. hope kitty’s having a better day at school! i have missed dropping by. july/august were hectic for some reason!

  3. Awww Kitty, things will get better soon. Change is always upsetting , I can remember the feeling well from when I was little so it must be a very powerful emotion. Gardens look amazing, so much colour and I especially love the yellow rudbeckia. x

  4. My son started school this week but thank goodness he has settled in well. Apparently today he had ‘pie with meat sauce’ for lunch! Lovely photos as usual. I must sometime pay a visit to thes two gardens on one of my visits to Hampshire.

  5. Sorry to hear Kitty was a bit upset ๐Ÿ™ She’s a champ so I’m sure she’ll be happier in no time ๐Ÿ™‚ Rosehips are a sure fire sign that Autumn is upon us – you can’t beat their bright colour on a frosty morning. I haven’t seen any orange leaves yet but I’ve enjoyed digging out my knitted scarves to wear in the mornings over the last week. Your nature photos always make me feel really happy Annie.

  6. Oh wow, isn’t Mottisfont gorgeous. I do love a good walled garden, there’s something so special about loving your garden so much that you put a wall around to protect it, to say nothing of the really clever ones that have hypercausts in them. And oh what pretty hydrangeas, the deep blues have always been my favourites.

  7. I wrote a huge comment and the ether has eaten it!! Anyway, yay for walled gardens, I think they’re awesome and for the deepest of deep blue hydrangeas. And may the school run get ever easier. I’m still bracing myself for Monday!

  8. Oh gosh, Mottisfant looks wonderful – I’m off to Google to see where it is. I also adore your picture of Kitty (it is Kitty isn’t it?) holding the hydrangea petals; the colours are so soothing. I do hope she is happier going to school now and there are no more tears. Tell her the piglets are sending her good luck snuffles!

  9. I hope Kitty settles into her new class soon and have a lovely time in New York. What is the flower in the 3rd to last photo?

  10. So many flowers, so many gardens – it’s been a great summer hasn’t it? (even if the weather’s been a bit hit and miss) Enjoy the Big Apple x

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