Forgotten Fields – the new limited capacity family friendly festival in Sussex

Forgotten Fields
Forgotten Fields

You know that I love a good festival don’t you? If you head over to my ‘Festivals’ section you will see exactly what I mean.  This weekend I’m taking Kitty & Ozzy  to a new festival in Sussex called Fcorgotten Fields.

Personally I believe that the big family festivals have peaked and the way forward is going to be smaller sized festivals. Forgotten Fields has a limited capacity of 4,000 which excites me no end. If you look at this from the view of a family, festivals are expensive, the tickets, feeding, watering and entertaining everyone whilst these soon adds up and don’t get me started on the expense that is boutique glamping at festivals . So when you bear all this in mind, choosing the right festival for your family is an important decision and you need to factor everything in. For me, a smaller sized festival means feeling less stressed about losing sight of my kids in a sea of people, less queuing and being able to experience more.

And if you think a limited capacity means the line up won’t be good – think again. It’s cracking, perfectly suited to my taste too #bonus. Other great features include: Real festival ale, world food, 5 stages, world cinema and site art.

Here’s the facts you need to know

Location: Eridge Deer Park on the East Sussex/ Kent Border.

Capacity: 4,000

Line up: See above

Camping: Standard and family camping is included within the cost of the festival ticket. Boutique and  campervan camping is available at extra cost. 

For kids: Cinema and children’s area on site where children’s activities and workshops will take place throughout the day. 

Alcohol: Lots of different ale’s from breweries in and around Kent & Sussex and even their own ale. Cocktails etc also available.

Facilities: General Store, cash points, phone charging all on site.

Final tickets are still available through the website here.

I will be sharing our weekend on Instagram so follow along with me @anniespratt and of course follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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  1. I know I have said this on facebook already but I am SO jealous about this! A festival only 20 minutes from home with basement jaxx and the levellers? And I won’t be there??? Total rage face!

    I will be avoiding your Instagram at all costs this weekend (only joking – I’ll be checking out whether I can see my intoxicated OH in your pics!)


  2. Ooooooh – not that far from me. Might be tempted by this next year. Hope you enjoyed it, and quite a fun line up. Bet the vibe was really nice and chilled. X

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