Flying from Land's End to Scilly with Skybus

Flying from Land's End to Scilly with Skybus

Skybus, aerial view of Isles of Scilly

Recently we travelled to the Isles of Scilly. You can sail over to Scilly or you can fly, we chose to fly, from Land's End, a short 15 minute flight.

Lands End Airport

Parking is £6.50 per day if you pre-book, £7.50 per day if you pay on arrival. The airport is easy to find, we used our satnav. The airport itself is comfortable with good amenities and excellent free wifi. Before you board your flight you are required to watch a short 5 minute information & safety video. 

The Flight

We travelled on the Skybus, on the Twin Otter which seats 19. This is the smallest plane that we've flown in and knowing it's size I'd pre-warned my children that it wasn't going to be like the 'big planes' we've travelled overseas in before. I'd explained that it would be smaller, the sound louder and that we would be flying lower than they are used to - which would mean we'd be able to see a lot more. 

The flight itself is only 15 minutes long which, pardon the pun, flies by. The children enjoyed spotting boats in the sea followed by excitable squeals as the islands came into view. The cockpit area is open to the rest of the plane so you can see what's going on 'up front' - really cool!

Our outbound trip was on cloudy and windy day and there was a little turbulence. In a smaller plane you are going to feel the effects of adverse weather, but personally I found that flying lower than a 'big plane' made me less nervous about turbulence. Our inbound trip was on a glorious sunny day and there was naturally no turbulence.

Tips for travelling on Skybus

Sit at the front or the back for the best views.

If you have a nervous passenger with you (my daughter is always apprehensive about flying), sit at the front of the plane and then you can distract them by watching what's going on in the cockpit.

Take your camera on in hand luggage - the views are smashing!

Outbound photos:

Inbound photos:

Arriving at St Mary's Airport

Just like Land's End Airport, St. Mary's Airport is small with good amenieties. Collecting our luggage from the conveyor was quick and simple. We had a transfer to our hotel arranged already, a minibus picked up passengers to take them down the the Quay to board the boats on to the islands they were staying at.


We caught a jetboat with Tresco Boat Services to Bryher. Oscar and I chose to sit out on the deck, whilst Kitty opted for the shelter of the cabin. She sat chatting to a local gentleman who we shared the flight with. One of the (many) lovely things about the Isle of Scilly is how friendly and chatty everyone you meet is!

Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher

Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher

Godolphin, Cornwall

Godolphin, Cornwall