Flying as a family with KLM

Flying with children is probably the one part of a holiday that I worry over the most, from ways to keep my children entertained to trying to keep Ozzy’s loud i-spy voice down so as not to disturb fellow passengers. A good flight makes not only a big difference to your own family’s holiday but the flight experience for others travelling with you.

And so I was happy when I heard that KLM have launched a series of short animated films about their mascot, Bluey, a cute little aircraft. In his first movie, Bluey, along with his father and friend have an exciting adventure at the annual Zundert flower parade in Holland. I just so happen to be planning on going to Zunder flower Parade this Septmeber so who knows maybe I’ll be watching Bluey as I fly! It would  would especially goodto watch the short film when travelling to Holland, what a nice way to introduce to children where they are travelling to.

These films are lovely way to engage your children during your flight and are a nice natural progression from the presence of Bluey around airports. In holiday season you can follow Bluey for family check-ins. 

Next time we fly with KLM we’ll show Kitty and Ozzy the clip on YouTube to whet their appetite and introduce them to Bluey so they have a ‘familiar face’ to look out for at the airport.

Other family friendly perks when flying with KLM

Food: For children age 2 and older, KLM have special children’s meals on intercontinental KLM flights at no extra cost. Make sure to order at least 24 hours before departure.

Entertainment: On board intercontinental KLM flights, every child over 2 years old recieves a Bluey play set, containing a memory game and tic tac toe, and items such as pencils, a key cord, card game, sticker, baggage label and more. The play set also includes a Bluey eye mask should your child need some rest (this is something that my daughter would love as she struggles sleeping in light conditions). This is great for holidays in Sri Lanka  and the like. On European flights children receive a Bluey passport holder and an activity book.

Find out more about travelling with children on KLM here.

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  1. I flew KLM to the Netherlands a lot when I was younger, even twice on my own at 9 to be a bridesmaid at a wedding! I still remember the very glamorous flight attendant (or air hostess as we used to call them) holding my hand to meet our family friends. I sat next to a man on the return journey who had been to a confectioners trade fair and fed me sweets all the way home (sounds dodgy but it wasn’t!).

  2. I fly a lot with KLM for work, they are one of the best airlines for the route I take to Amsterdam. Significantly better than the budget airlines. The staff are great and they aren’t any more expensive. Cant grumble at that.

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