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0 thoughts on “Five go to Thailand – Experiences and advice from teenage girls travelling alone”

  1. WOW ………..! They had a GREAT time then ! Lovely photo’s and glad they had a safe trip .

  2. Lovely photos! So much like my home country and those fruits photo! I miss my fruits!

    Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Oooh I have an 18 year old boy at home and reading that made me feel nervous. She certainly sounds like she has her head screwed on. Glad it all went well and they were all safe. What a memorable experience. And how kind to share and help others.

    Now the big reveal – which one is your daughter please?

  4. I’d know her anywhere 🙂 She did a fab job of the photography too – must take after her mother!

    Really interesting to read it from the point of view of young adults

  5. She looks so much like you! It sounds like they had a wonderful time. My daughter wants to go travelling next year with friends when she finishes school so I was very interested to read this post.

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