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Dunnet Head, Caithness


I can't quite believe that it's been over a year since we enjoyed a few days away in Caithness with my first husband Iain and his parents - and I wanted to get down my memories on this day before I forget.  One of my favourite places in the country, we managed to get some beach time in, not to mention a climb. 

On this particular day, when I took these photos, it was dry and bright. We walked along the beach, saw an old bi plane doing loop the loops and horse riders galavanting. The children ran, laughed and marvelled at the power of the waves.

And then a rainbow appeared, first one and then two. The sky grew increasingly dark, and being a way from the car Iain, Callum and Oz briskly walked back before the rain. Muggins here was far too obsessed with taking photos of the the rainbow hitting the coastline and Kitty stayed with me, ever excited by rainbows.

Yes, we got soaked when the heavens opened, but those few minutes, watching the rainbow move along the coast were well worth it. The landscape switched from clear to stormy in a matter of minutes, a real reminder of the power of mother nature.