#CurtainCreative Design Competition

Do you have a child who loves to draw? I do. Kitty is obsessed with two things at the moment, drawings and collections. Above you can see what happens when those tow loves come together – her ‘collection of imaginary friends’. I adore these pictures, they show her rather eccentric character. Initially I looked and thought ‘how sweet!’, looking at ‘Hugy-Lovey’, ‘Kissey’ & ‘Colureful’. Then I looked closer and chuckled at ‘TV Tom’, Cheesy Feet’, ‘ ‘Bighter’, ‘Creepy Syrl’ and ‘Rox Star’ and guffawed in a most puerile manner at ‘Fartling’ and ‘Fricky’ (Freaky). I’m not sure how I feel about the blank faced ‘Blind Boy’ or ‘Licker’ – they border on the mad. I suspect a career at Moshi Monsters HQ may be on the cards..

Kitty has a large box under her bed of her favourite drawings and both she and I are hoarders and can’t bear to throw these things away. And so when I spied that The Natural Curtain Company are running the  #CurtainCreative Design Competition, where you can enter a fabric design for children’s curtains which could end up in homes across the nation I knew just where to get inspiration from! I love the Natural Curtain Company ever since we used a pair of their ready made curtains back in April in Kitty’s bedroom.

The Natural Curtain Company are looking for a unique and fun design for children’s curtains, so here’s your chance to get creative, submit your own design and show off your talents to the world!
The winning design will be printed onto fabric which we’ll make into curtains. Your design idea could be decorating children’s rooms across the land…. now there’s a thought!

— The Natural Curtain Company

How to enter:
1. SUMBIT your fabric design and details
2. SHARE your entry with your friends on Facebook
3. GET FRIENDS TO VOTE for you! (you can even vote for your own design!)
The winning design will be chosen by a mix of vote count and The Natural Curtain Company’s favourite. Votes alone will not choose the winning design.
Contest closes 12 noon on Friday 17th July 2015. Full terms & conditions and further info can be found on the competition page.

I grew up in an age where ‘The Garden Gang‘ was a bit hit , the series of book were written by Jayne Fisher who was just 9 years old (and she remains the  youngest author to ever write for Ladybird Books). I remember being inspired by these books as a child, that feeling of ‘anything is possible’. And so if you don’t feel like you have the skills to design something – why not enlist the help of your child? After all children know what children like!

Here’s my party-bear-inspired entry, I’m heading off to upload and enter now – come and join me!

party bear pattern

party bear pattern


  1. BLUD SUCKER!! I love it. I do also have a child who loves to draw but at the moment it is all Star Wars themed! There are stormtroopers on every spare scrap of paper in the house.
    I love your party bears – good luck in the competition!

  2. Oh I love your design Annie – never mind the kid’s room, I’d have them in mine.

    Kitty’s creations are brilliant too, I think you’re right about a career at Moshi Monsters!

  3. Oh my goodness Miss E woudl love this, she is another always drawing and then hording her treasures! Mich x

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