Crock Hill (and a bottom lip wobble)

I’m sat here uploading these photos and having a real bottom-lip-wobble moment.

We went for a walk this weekend at Crock Hill, crunched in fallen leaves, discovered a badgers next and walked over a forest floor studded with holly berries. Oh yes, and we found the tree swing is still there, the one we were at earlier last year. I’ve added photos of Kit and Oz from last year in with their shots from this year. My babies are growing! Oh my! The difference!

It’s not just the seasons that bring changes in nature is it?

4 replies on “ Crock Hill (and a bottom lip wobble) ”
  1. The season tick round, we notice them more, leaves turning and falling. We don’t notice tiny everyday changes of our children and then suddenly, it’s like seeing with new eyes. They grew!! Good times and sad times. The trouble with being a parent.

  2. Alf put on his favourite onesie the other day…an hour or so later his big toe was popping out of them at the bottom! How did that happen?!

    Sexy mo fo photos, as ever. X

  3. Just scrolling through and blimey – what beauty. I love a good rope swing, how lovely you found it again – though what a difference from the images you took last year. Kids sprout when you least expect it.

    Nina x

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