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Vintage postcard

Vintage postcard

Creativity, we’ve all got it and now it’s time to flaunt it in this blog hop. I’ve been tagged by the ever so nice Gemma Garner, who was tagged by equally nice , to answer three set questions on creativity.  Thanks Gemma for tagging me, Gemma is one of my blog crushes and now that I’ve read that she likes Breaking Bad I love her even more, bitch. I’ve managed to track a few other bloggers who have joined in, links to those posts at the bottom.

#1 What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk over the past week or so?

Confession time, I don’t have a desk. I mean I have a tiny desk that’s just about big enough for my computer but that’s about it. With our impending house extension I’ve been spending far more time than is healthy on Pinterest sniffing out desk inspiration as in a three months time I’ll have my own dedicated light and airy corner of the house, complete with desk and space for ‘stuff’ that I just don’t have at the moment. In the meantime there’s boxes next to my desk, full of oddments like this…

Retro and vintage goodies (the Daily Mail was once good for something)

Retro and vintage goodies (the Daily Mail was once good for something)

I’m one of life’s spontaneous creatives, rarely do I sit down at a table to do something pre-meditated. You are more likely to find me sat on a patch of grass somewhere, curled up on the sofa with a notebook or sat staring out of the window daydreaming.

This past week I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a blog makeover for Kate over at Crafts on Sea, getting myself in the mental zone to learn how to knit, being out and about taking lots of floral photos and what I can only describe as dicking about with vintage images on Photoshop, trying to try something old into something new-looking. A bit like this…

#2 Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

I always take inspiration from the people around me, from my neighbour Alex and Grandad with their beautiful gardens, my mother and her love of all things vintage and antique, the people online that I read and chat to and the randoms I meet on my travels. Oh yes, and the effortless beauty of nature.

Beauty in the natural

Beauty in the natural

Take Saturday for example, whilst visiting my mother she showed me a box of Women’s Weekly magazines that she had bought at a car boot, a whole years worth, 52 issues from the whole of 1972 (a bargain at just £2 for the whole box!) – a retro styled infusion that I couldn’t resist delving in to.

Copy of Woman's Weekly from 1972

Copy of Woman’s Weekly from 1972

LEGO advert from 1972

LEGO advert from 1972

#3 How important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

Family time

Family time

This is something I wrote about a few days go and something that’s been months of perfecting – I think I’m nearly there now in getting that balance right. I’ve started implementing 2 totally offline days a week, that’s no email checking included (the thing that always sucks me in to the online world and distracting me from ‘real life’). These 2 days each week I find myself looking forward to more and more, tomorrow (Monday) is a day offline, chosen to fit in with family life and love, as it’s my husbands birthday. I feel more fulfilled with these days off – like I’m making the most of both online and offline, suddenly I see what I’ve been missing when spending so much time online.

When you have a family and children to consider you do have to use your creativity to work out times to be creative in – like creativity squared. The key for me is finding ways that we can all involve each other in our creativity, take Kitty for example, we’ve a girls day out at a local gardens planned for when school breaks for Summer. A new sketchbook each and a day of wandering and drawing the things we see together. I find seeing what she draws a bit of an inspiration, there’s something liberating about just drawing things without thinking them through first, the way children do.

I’m not an ambitious type, I’m just happy to be doing something I enjoy and lucky that my family support and encourage me to follow the paths I choose to take.


This is the part where I need to name a couple of people I’d like to join in and share their answers, folk who inspire me and who’s blogs I stalk and lust over in the wee hours.

I’m naming..

Elizabeth from Margot & Barbara

Emma from Tales of a Greenwood

Katie from Randomnest

I *may* have only been meant to tag tow people but I couldn’t choose two from these three sistas from a different mista, so I’m being rebellious *kicks kitten* SMASH THE SYSTEMMMMMMM!


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