Coming home to Spring

We arrived home safe and sound from our travels on Sunday. It was a once-in-lifetime sort of trip for us and we packed as much into it as we could. Truth be told it felt as though we had been away for longer than the three weeks and by the time we returned I was struggling to remember what he had done at the start of the holiday.

As we drove home, early on Sunday morning, weary from the overnight flight back to Heathrow from Hong Kong, I noticed how green everything has turned in our absence. Our lane has an arch of green leaves surrounding it, blossom hangs heavy on branches, bluebells are tucked in the verge.

Jet-lag has kicked in here and we are all suffering a little. After dropping Kitty and Oz to school this morning I headed for a walk at a spot at local Exbury where I know lots of bluebells are - and hardly a soul knows about. A rarity to be able to enjoy them uniterupted. 

In our garden there's new too. We arrived home to a fully tarmaced drive and freshly laid patio. It's amazing the difference these have both made to the garden itself and my motivation for sorting out the garden! This weekend I plan on digging over one of the raised beds, topping up with compost and ordering a Summer Leaves garden from Rocket Gardens. The assorted leaves arrive in plug form, we have used them before and they are fab.

Our apple tree is in blossom, but not as much blossom as previous years. I don't think this is a bad thing necessarily as last year it had so much blossom and then branches snapped under the weight of apples. Spotted in the garden, Starlings nesting under the roof tiles and sparrows making a home in our bird box - I could watch them coming and going with twigs and moss in their little beaks all day!

I've missed HDYGG whilst on our travels and I'm looking forward to catching up with posts both old and new. I hope that you are all enjoying Spring as much as I am β™‘

Now I best be off to wrap some pressies - can you belive Ozzy turns 8 tomorrow?!Where has the time gone ?!