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Christmas progress


Here at Chez Spratt we don't let a little thing like a stinking cold get in the way of festivities, and yesterday, despite much snotty aches we spent the evening putting up our Christmas tree. 

As a child our Christmas tree was always a real one, the smell of pine is something that I've always associated with Christmas and having a real tree is a must have for me. My husband would rather go down the less hassle artificial route, but not me. Besides whilst disposing of the tree last year I made a new tradition - making something from part of the trunk. I spent a jolly fine morning with my axe and woodworking knife fashioning a spatula which has been useful in the kitchen ever since!

Our tree decorating is a quiet affair, with the Apple Folk Christmas playlist playing in the background, followed by dancing around the tree afterwards. Oscar declared he's going to do his annual performance of 'We wish you a merry Christmas' on Christmas Eve - and I can't wait to see it, he's been doing this every year since he was 4, bless him. I can't imagine he'll keep it going for many more years so I'm soaking it up whilst I can.

Talking of soaking it up, look what Tanya gave me... gin baubles! Genius. 



Arriving in perfect time to maximise my festive feels yesterday, the second edition of Creative Countryside


You can order yourself a copy here, or treat someone you love for Christmas. Also, in January I'm going to be attending the first Creative Countryside Winter Gathering and I believe there are a couple of spaces left - you can find more info here. It's very reasonably priced and sounds like my idea of perfection.




If anyone wants me I'll be working all day by the fire, one of the perks of working remotely! Photos as ever, up on my Unsplash profile.