Celebrating creative mothers [Story of Mum]

mash-up mother collageAbove: I've chosen a photo of my daughter, we're always told we look alike. She reminds me of the me I once was, young, carefree and although my body has aged I often wonder if my mind has at all. On the flip side the second image is of a 1950's housewife baking cakes. I'm a stay at home mum, I may work a bit whilst I'm at home but our family set up is very old skool, Papasaurus goes to work and earns the money and I stay at home looking at the children and house and do a tiny bit of work which I am paid for. I'm not a woman with a plan or ambitions, if someone was to offer me an actual job I would do everything within my powers not to take it. I fear I may be the sort of woman that I imagine high-achieving women look at and scream with frustration at. Sometimes I wish I had more 'oooomph', I wish I could write more eloquently, I wish I had more passions - feminism, the environment but I simply don't and in a funny old way that's the beauty of motherhood for me, it gives you the experience and perspective to discover who you really are and to accept yourself.

mash-up mother collage Above: Again representing my housey old skool side with one image and with the other my feminine side. I won't say 'sexy' because, well, you just don't need that image in your mind. If I were a pretentious arty type I'd say that this image is a representation of womans inner struggle between the home and very restrained wild abandon. But I'm not.

What's going on? What am I up to in this post? Well when I was at BritMums Live! I met the lovely Pippa from Story of Mum. If you haven't heard of Story of Mum before here's what it is:

"Story of Mum is a community of supportive mamas doing creative stuff to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood. Join us!

Why? Because getting creative connects us to who we are and what we want. It makes us happier, braver, and we shine brighter together. Sharing our stories reminds us that all mums, including you, are amazing. Especially when we make mistakes"

Today it's my turn to curate, sharing from the online exhibition and joining in myself. When I headed over and took a look at the online exhibition one section jumped out and waved in my face instantly and that's the one I'll be sharing today, the Mama Mash-Up, laying ones identity bare these ladies have chosen two different aspects to themselves and put them down in a strip collage. I think they look jolly effective, you can find more of these in the Mama Mash-Up gallery here. Story of Mum Mum Mash-Up collage

Alas I haven't got images on paper that I can use - but I do have a stash on my computer and so today I am joining in with the Story Of Mum exhibition with my digital mash-up. If you'd care to join me there are many ways in which you can join in poetry, video, photography, craft, writing - find out more here or get in touch with Pippa : storyofmum.com/contact.

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