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0 thoughts on “Catching up with the gardens I've visited (hdygg 119)”

  1. Le sigh, you really do find the most beautiful places to visit, and you capture them so well

  2. I cant believe its nearly September! A beautiful snapshot, your summer looks very colourful! Thank you for featuring my post, have a lovely day at Mottisfont. One of my favourite allotment bloggers goes there a lot and it looks beautiful x

  3. Gorgeous images summing up a great month in the garden and in nature. Nearly September, doesn’t seem like a moment since last autumn. Love this time of year now with some flowers past their peak and some still blooming, everywhere feels very earthy. I hope my tomatoes hurry up and turn red, every year I am putting them in the tea towel drawer to ripen πŸ™‚

  4. Annie, you have visited some beautiful places and you have been surrounded by so much beauty!!! just a tad envious over here. this post made my tooth ache more…. xx

  5. It is lovely there. Close by is Hillier Gardens which I think is even nicer – lovely area to be in in general Romsey πŸ™‚ You are most welcome and thank you for saying thank you! x

  6. Totally feel that earthy vibe at the moment – and it doesn’t feel like long since we were all going nuts over the leaves changing colour last Autumn!

  7. I want to push the pause button and keep on enjoying this month (preferably with sunshine rather than rain). Your photos just beautifully sum up and display the gorgeous blooms of August!

  8. You’ve visited some gorgeous places Annie. This post is just what I needed today; a big dose of nature in all its glory. I have a soft spot for pigs and let out a little squeak of delight when I saw those two nosing around in the New Forest. I just want to give them a big cuddle!! Don’t think they’d be too happy about that though. Good to see lots of hydrangea love in here.

  9. oh how I love this, glorious, glorious photos – what a summer…. not all cracking, flagstones, but it doesn’t have to busting hot to be beautiful.

  10. Oh such pretty pretty gardens – and I’m very jealous that you went to River Cottage – that’s on my must visit list for one day!

  11. What a gorgeous August you’ve had, but also everything through Annie’s eyes/lens looks gorgeous. Love those piggies strutting their stuff. Very handsome.

  12. the hydrangeas this summer have reminded me a lot of my gran, she had her whole garden almost full with them, I’m going to try the succulents once i’ve got over the price and find a way of elevating them rather than just as ground coverage

  13. annie you’ve forced me into writing a blog post which i’ve been meaning to do for ages, i get asked this question a lot but in short it’s bloody expensive to live here

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