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0 thoughts on “An afternoon at Buckler’s Hard”

  1. I had such a long comment to type, and then I saw that GIANT VIENNESE WHIRL and I forgot it!. 😀 This is such a pretty place, love the Museum, that kind of place fascinates me. We watched How we Used to Live at school and I have been a history addict ever since! How nice to have it not too far up the road from you! 🙂

  2. Oh it’s just so pretty! I love the quilts on the cottage beds, and is that a rope attached to the side of the crib so you can rock the baby without having to get out of bed? Because that’s a great idea sadly fallen into disuse!!

  3. I really love places that keep feed my son’s thirst for knowledge. I think my youngest would def appreciate those chocolate coins so shall have to put it on our to do list.

  4. I’d be there just for that giant Viennese Whirl never mind all the other stuff (which looks good too btw) x x

  5. How we Used to Live! Blast from the schooling past! Me too, one of my primary school highlights, all huddled round the giant tv on wheels watching what went down in the ‘old days’. Loved that!

  6. Oh Annie, your blog posts are always so beautiful. I really want to spend weeks exploring the New Forest. xx

  7. oh give me that viennese whirl!

    looks beautiful, we are planning a new forest/dorset trip for next summer so this is sure to be added to the list as ronnie is keen to go back to beaulieu.

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