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0 thoughts on “Blueberry & lemon traybake with lemon mascapone frosting & violas”

  1. So so pretty! I’ve been using a lot of wild violets lately but I spotted some escapee violas outside the school the other day. I think I’ll nip bag and nab them!

  2. Love this… it’s so pretty. Now all we need is some gorgeous weather in time for Easter!

  3. These looks delicious, I’m just spent the afternoon baking with the children – I wish I had seen this earlier I could have made it today

  4. We should so do a cake swapping thing, post each other cake and enjoy it at a virtual tea break one day….gorgeous Annie 🙂

  5. Well I’ve never thought of putting petals in my cake but they certainly give it good colour. Mich x

  6. Well there you go, I always thought violas were a string instrument! Silly me! These look delicious – I am a big fan of lighter, fruitier cakes rather than chocolate ones. We’ve got some friends coming to stay over Easter hold so I’ll give it a shot – thanks Annie! x

    PS Beautiful pictures too, you talented lady x

  7. Ooh look at you since you got your oven – you’re on a baking bonanza! This looks delicious and interesting – gotta love that and it’s not many that make me want to eat them now, This one does x

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