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0 thoughts on “Blackberry Smoothie Recipe”

  1. Love the look of this. Still got some of last years blackberries in the freezer so I’m going to make it – perhaps tomorrow morning if I can get myself out of bed on time.

  2. Been black-berrying today. Decided I’d wash them an wait. Ended up knocking up an in-promptu apple & blackberry crumble. Ate it with a serving spoon straight from the dish. Half of it. Might finish other half now. (poss. cos you mentioned blackberries).
    I mean, I love the idea of a smoothies but the suggestion is too healthy – crumble-porn is my thing.

  3. We have an abundance of blackberries too and I’ve not managed to make a decent smoothie yet, so we will give this a try, thanks. Mich x

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