Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

 Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

Blackberry Smoothie Recipe

A seasonal change to apple & blackberry crumble (of which we have eaten lots of late!) Next time you go blackberrying, fill a small zip lock back with blackberries and pop them in the freezer. Then you can easily knock up this lovely smoothie in a couple of minutes any time you fancy - it's perfect for a breakfast smoothie or a treat any time of day. 

The recipe below is using the Boss high velocity blender, but could be made in any blender (only not so quickly!)


Frozen blackberries

1 banana, chopped into chunks

140g natural yogurt

500ml chilled milk

1 tbsp honey

Optional: 50g oat bran



Pop all the ingredients into your Boss, pop the lid on and set it to Smoothie setting.

Boo ya! 1 minute later you have a jug of joy. Serve straight away and enjoy!

Happy picking x