A new home : #BetterPhotoProject Instagram prompt

With all the big changes over on Love All Blogs, I'm bringing the #betterphotoproject instagram prompt over here to Mammasaurus each week to share my favourite instagram captures from people joining in, along with a couple of other new bits, read on to find out more about those.

For those of you who don't know, the #betterphotoproject is a prompt to inspire people to think a bit more about their instagram captures to create better photos and be inspired by others joining in. Simply tag your favourite shots #betterphotoproject to join in. There's no weekly prompt, just join in with your best captures.

Fave shots

There has been an overwhelming Spring bloom explosion on instagram using #betterphotoproject, here's some of my faves this week. 

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Elsewhere on Instagram this week

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Photo app- Hipstamatic DSPO

I thought it might be nice to share a different mobile photo app each week, a bit of added inspiraiton, this week it's Hipstamatic DSPO...
Today we bring to the world a new free FOMO camera! Hipstamatic DSPO [pronounced Dis-po] joins the old idea of the disposable camera with the modern day necessity of constant communication. Our group cameras allow you to add as many people as you’d like, to shoot for a set amount of time and enjoy life from all of its different angles.
Select the desired time (as short as an hour or as long as 365 days). Then invite friends using your contact list or Facebook; or let the world join your camera by sharing the camera link via Twitter. The cool part is that no one can see the photos until the timer hits zero! We’ve also added the ability to chat through your whole shooting experience.
— Hipstamatic