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0 thoughts on “Balancing family and blogging – slow parenting”

  1. So nice to see your face in pictures! Such lovely family pictures too! Sometimes I think i have the hang of it sometimes i think i don’t….Spent quite a lot of time offline in the last couple of month though and it feels ok but the online world help me a lot in my darker days so it is hard to let go…You on the other hand sound more relaxed which is really nice to hear.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I also don’t want my kids to ever feel as if they are being used for "content". Saying that, I love treasuring our memories in photos and being able to look back. I still feel like a new blogger, but recently I have been looking back and seeing how I have changed and grown, but also how much the children have grown. I think that I used to be more craft and activity based because I was based at home as a mother and childminder and that is what I could access more working around naptimes, feeding etc. Things have changed now and I totally prefer the outdoors now but still like having a hand in the other bits. It’s nice to reflect on that journey of change. I have been a very slow blogger as of late, but actually trying to pick up on blogging and share more, primarily for my Grandma. She reads the blog a lot and is recovering from surgery, so I thought I should make an extra effort now to give her some content! For the record, whatever body issues you have, I think you are beautiful.

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