Autumn in the New Forest


I've been meaning to share some Autumnal shots of life around this part of the world for a few weeks now. The arrival of our Christmas tree later today has prompted me to a wriggle on with this as as soon as the tree arrives it'll become Winter as far as I'm concerned. 


 Autumn leaves


Autumn here in the New Forest is an assault on the senses. Visually there's pretty much every colour in the orange / yellow / brown spectrum. Underfoot, depending on the weather, there's crunchy or slippy leaves (you are either striding with glee or walking carefully with the fear). Cute animals galore mooch about 'doing their thing' as they can do here - pigs and piglets snuffling in the leaves, ponies, cows, deer, sheep.



The villages brace for Christmas, the lights go up, the little Christmas trees added to shop fronts. It's all just such an exciting time - talking of which, time to get the decorations down from the attic! *fist pump*

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