All change

Well firstly, a nod to the theme change here. I've moved my galleries over to and have gone back to bones of blogging. One of my big issues is that when I write a post I try to fill it with dozens of photos, and those take time to take / edit / post. Another issue is that I worry that what I write is, well, not that interesting. I don't share advice or recipes or tutorials and those are the things that drive the traffic and the readers. But honestly if I carry on blogging with those issues then I'll never get round to posting anything will I ?!

I've only posted around 15 times this year, compared to the 300+ times a couple of years ago it's really nothing. Sure I've been working full time but I've done so many amazing things this year, had some great experiences, seen great things - and I've not shared any of it. Seems a shame.

So I've pared back my blog to be more about the writing - the images can go over on my portfolio. I've the Squarespace app on my iPhone and the plan is to try to just spend ten minutes a day jotting down thoughts and happenings, old skool diary stylee.

This is something I'd wish I'd spent 10 minutes on in the evening when we were in Venice recently instead of tossing it off on CandyCrush before nodding off to sleep. Seriously though Venice was SO HOT. Beautiful, but hot hot hot.

Hopefully it'll see me sharing more and most importantly, starting to document life again. In my mind I'm imagining more snippets that long posts - but who knows what you'll get!