Adulting is something that my 20 year old daughter is getting a crash course in at the moment. She recently accepted a job as a pathologist assistant at Southampton General Hospital and ahead of moving in with us on Sunday she's had her first taste of  preparing to 'leave home'.

Organising buying herself a bed, researching bedroom furniture and heading to *IKEA to buy it, putting her car through it's MOT and renting a parking space close to work, left her telling me 'Adulting is hard. Living is expensive.'

But we've muddled through, tackled one task at a time and we're now at the point where she finally moves in with us on Sunday. Having lived full-time with her father for the past 12 years this will be the first time we've been together like this in a long time - and truth be told I'm a tad nervous about it.Naturally I'm over the moon that she's coming to stay but at the same time I'm a little anxious about how this might change our relationship. Like she said - adulting is hard.

Having only seen her once a month for the past decade I've become almost a 'fun mum' figure. I'm not the one who nags her to wash up or pick up her clothes, I'm the one who swans in and has a laugh. We're good friends, she gets me. She's happy that she'll have her own Instagram photographer taking arty shots of her tattoos and I'm looking forward to being able to do that. She often asks for a re-take of the photo above, as she's filled her sleeve more since then. She's always amazed that photo has been seen over 3 million times, and is regularly tagged into Facebook adverts that use it by her friends who have come to recognise it too.

She's a strong a determined young 20 year old woman. She reminds me of the me that I wanted to be when I was younger. She's kind, a bit of a slug at times with her constant napping & has the balance of being polite-without-being-a-pushover nailed (I still don't have that sussed at 42 come to think of it).

I'm proud, I'm excited and I'm feeling emotional about it (in a good way) and this is a slight brain dump I know, but if you can't brain dump on a blog - where can you?


* IKEA bedroom furniture that I'll be attempting to put together tomorrow. That's beyond adulting - that's next level life skills!