144. Yew Tree Heath

Our final walk as a trio until the weekend was at Yew Tree Heath. We haven't walked there before but we'll be back again because if there's one ingredient for a sure fire happy walk, in my children's minds at least, it's a steep incline. 

Run down, walk back up, run down again, walk back up, run down again, oh you get the idea...

Kitty and Oz and growing more confident and I'm holding back and letting them run ahead, even if it is out of sight and even if I think there's a bit of a chance that they may fall over. That's harder than you might think, but it's a good feeling.

Yes, the incline is steep, yes it's a bit stoney and yes there's a chance that if they choose to run down it they might trip up. But there's also the chance that they might not. That they might run down and love the feel of the breeze in their hair. Who am I to stand in the way of that?

It's good to let go sometimes and just let kids be kids. Times have changed from when I was a child, out in the street playing and exploring over the field at the end of the road with friends. That was the norm back then and whilst it's not as easy to give children as much free range these days it is important to make sure they do have space to roam, to explore, to just be children and yes, to learn that gravelly steep inclines do sometimes lead to sore knees.


Every day in 2015 I will go for a walk. No two walks the same, every day somewhere new to discover.