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0 thoughts on “A walk in burnt Gorse in the New Forest”

  1. Such powerful images, especially the one with Kitty standing surrounded by the burnt gorse

  2. I love the moodiness of the New Forest. It’s so beautiful. Almost like in a fairy tale, you know the secret wood that you aren’t allowed to enter? So mysterious and beautiful!

  3. you continue to amaze me with the pictures you take in your walks Annie. such a special time for you and your kids. Kitty looks so tall!

  4. Love her! Syd has a collection too – it is bits of twig, stones, feathers, oddments of one kind and another collected on days out. It was laid out on a stair at the old house – I couldnt bear to throw it away so it is in a little bag at the moment and I want to get a shadow box to turn it into a piece of art! Gorgeous pics as always – love the New Forest, long overdue a trip!

  5. Wonderful post and images. There’s something extra special when your child asks questions and you suddenly get an insight into how they’re observing their surroundings in nature.

  6. Love love love. This makes me wish I was much closer so that I could go tramping around the forest with you and have Kitty explain things to me. I love her gorgeous jumper, and the photo of her with her notebook.

    There’s lots of smokiness here at the moment too, as they are burning back areas of bush to try and prevent bush fires next year.

  7. I never knew that about the gorse – I’d always assumed it was accidental fire!
    That pony is stunning – love the grey mane!

  8. What a lovely walk. I love the firey colours of gorse. And it’s great that Kitty is paying so much attention to everything around her – what a fab mum you are! Love the ponies! X

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