vintage items

This weekend I visited my mum briefly, having a quick nose through some of her older and newer vintage purchases. Books, tins, cards and more. Being the festive season I've dusted off my pen ready to write Christmas cards out this coming week. I've noticed some Facebook friends discussing Christmas cards, some who are opting not to send them this year and others who insist that giving and receiving cards is a part of their Christmas tradition that they would not like to be without. Having seen Christmas cards that have been saved for decades, snapshots of life 50, 60, 70 years ago, I must admit I am firmly in the sending cards camp. But sending with care and love, cards of quality with messages of cheer and consideration - not a generic 'Dear X, Merry Christmas, Love Y' on mass produced cards. Looking back to the past really can shape how you view the future. Anyway, I digress, here's what I saw...

Vintage Liquorice Allsorts Box and cotton reels
Bluebird Toffee

I have found myself becoming increasingly fascinated with vintage advertising and my mum has plenty of old confectionery packaging (read as dozens and dozens). The typography is always an inspiration as are the colours and they always leave me feeling, well a tad peckish. And by the way if you are a fan of retro sweets you might like to check out, they have a huge range, I'm partial to an aniseed twist myself...

Now from one sweet to another, an old Post Office Greetings Telegram. When my father was young he delivered telegrams for the Post Office as did his father before him. It feels special to see an example of what my late grandfather might have delivered. And that gold envelope! The word needs more beauty like this in it.

Post Office Greetings Telegram

Next some postcards from a collection my mother bought at a car boot sale that caught my eye. I find the bright flower colours against their dark background really inspiring and gives me an idea of something to try in the New Year. The collection was all floral cards sent to the same person. I love that a complete set of correspondence can last the test of time, even if it's owners change.

I could sit for hours and looks through old books. I find it interesting that many children's books had such teeny tiny fonts, love looking at old advertising and anything to do with cookery draws me in, the recipes and particularly the styling of food in the 50s & 60s. 

That was my vintage-loving weekend. If you have visited anywhere festooned with vintage goodies lately I would love to here what you found and where!