19. A Review of Camp Besitval 2013, from A-Z (Part 2)

This weekend just passed I took Kitty and Ozzy along to Camp Bestival as part of my Summer of Festivals series. Here's Part Two of our A-Z of camp Besitval 2013 - from N to Z.

N is for Nature Inspired Workshops

Spinney Camp Bestival 2013 Spinney Camp Bestival 2013 Pirate boat making Camp Besitval 2013 divided

O is for Odd Bikes

A fun addition of the Upper Kids Field, whilst Kitty and Ozzy were too young to ride them they certainly enjoyed watching the other children having a go! Crazy bikes Camp Bestival 2013 divided

P is for Programme

Camp Bestival does the BEST programmes of all the festivals I've ever been to. With £10 being the going rate for a festival programme one can feel mighty peeved when one hands over the cash only to be given a small book and if you are lucky a small lanyard programme. Camp Bestival totally wipes the floor with other festivals in this respect with a tote bag, programme book, lanyard programme, CBeebies kids magazine, smashing colouring book c/o Rosie Flo and a stackable crayon pencil. Other festivals look and learn. The kids loved sharing and colouring and the magazine provided much needed downtime distraction. Camp Bestival Programme goodies 2013Camp Bestival Programme goodies 2013 divided

Q is for quite awesome blooms

Festooning the Dingly Dell these were a hit with Kitty who kept asking me to 'take photos of those mummy please!' Flowers in the Dingly Dell at Camp Bestival divided

R is for Rage

Rage at myself that is for not being able to find the instructions in our new Vango tent which led to much frustration, sipping of gin in a tin, sweat and a little tear when we arrived. Note to self: Vango tent putting-up-instructions are sewn to the side of the tent bag itself - as I discovered when taking it down. I have literally no idea why Ozzy chose to pull this face before I attempted to put the tent up, maybe he has a sixth sense. I'm looking forward to putting it up again later this week - this time with instructions. Tent at Camp Bestival divided

S is for Special Smoke Filled Bubbles

Every year there are thousands of bubbles at Camp Bestival, the children swarm to them like rats to the Pied Piper, jumping high to pop them and my two were no different. From grown ups with large bubble nets that spew out hundreds of bubbles in one go to children running round with bubble wands lost in the joy of creating bubbles for others to run after, I have to admit that the bubbles are a guaranteed winner with the children. We especially liked these rather nifty smoke filled bubbles from Bubble Inc. Bubble Inc smoke filled bubbles, Camp Bestival 2013 divided

T is for Trolleys

Trolleys feature heavily at Camp Bestival as they are a relatively easy way to manouvere small children and rucksacks / blankets/ food / sun cream etc around. Last year we took a trolley and it was a godsend when it came to the evenings musical acts as the kids could fall asleep in there when tired whilst we enjoyed our evening. This year I decided that although a trolley would be handy for carrying bits around that it was a bit too much physical effort for one grown up alone - there are some inclines at Camp Bestival and I have flash backs to Papasaurus and I trying hard not to get swept away with the momentum on a large slope in the campsite last year! Another reason that I chose not to 'Trolley-it' this year was that family festivals are not only great fun but bloody tiring. When my children declared they were tired at half 8 we simply walked back to the tent and nodded off - yes that meant I missed a big chunk of the evenings entertainment but it also meant that I was feeling fresh and chipper and ready to have fun with the kids the next morning - really helpful if you are going to a festival with young children as a parent on your own. There were some really imaginatively decorated trolleys at the festival as always but this little fella strapped to the trolley of Penny, from The Alexander Residence, made me smile. The Alexander Residences trolley at Camp BestivalThe Alexander Residences trolley at Camp Bestival divided

U if for Unable to Get on the Internet

I know it's not the be-all-and-end-all but I could barely get a mobile signal all weekend at Camp Bestival and my phone went so bananas trying to find a signal that the battery drained itself out trying within a few hours, which is a huge shame as I was looking forward to sharing more photos from the festival on Instagram, Alas t'was not to be. divided

V is for very brave

As Kitty and Ozzy pluck up the courage to go an explore the Big Top on their own - oblivious to the gentleman with hairy hands and feet next to them! the Big Top Camp Bestival divided

W is for Water

All the proceeds from every bottle of Life Water sold at Camp Bestival in bars and by traders go to the Drop4Drop charity, you can read more about them here.

X is for Xtreme Thrill Seekers...

...over in the FreeSports Park. What?! Do you know how hard 'X' was to fill?! Ozzy LOVED sitting and watching the boys and men on their bmx, skateboards and scooters on the ramps Skateboarder Freesports area Camp Bestival 2013 Skateboarder Freesports area Camp Bestival 2013 divided

Y is for Young British Foodies

The Young British Foodies were amongst many food traders at Camp Bestival this year providing a large selection of choice for those feeling peckish. Young British Foodies at Camp Bestival 2013 divided

Z is for Zooooom

Over before you knew it! boooo divided We enjoyed Camp Bestival as a family this year, it was friendly and we had lots of fun. Mainly we stuck to the Kids Fields and the Dingly Dell. Most of the 'larger' kids performances were naturally, for a family friendly festival, very busy which meant that we either couldn't get in or couldn't see but luckily as Kitty and Ozzy are both young they didn't have acts that they were desperate to see so they weren't disappointed. There was LOADS to do for children, we left the tent at 9am on The Saturday morning and didn't return to rest until 4pm as Kitty was a on a constant 'ooo look at that mummy!' run and enjoying it. Ozzy felt more tired, but that turned out to be because he was feeling unwell, and the chill out areas around the festival were really helpful for him - especially the book tents in the Dingly Dell. I loved the ratio of trader stalls to entertainment, something that the Isle of Wight Festival really did get wrong this year. Looking at the traders I could see that a lot of care and thought had gone into their selection and indeed positioning within the site.The TellTails stall looked particularly popular, as it was at Latitude, tails are deffo the new fairy wings for the next couple of festival years! And if you haven't heard of TellTails you can check them out here: http://www.telltails.co.uk/ For Camp Bestival this year there was one area that I have mixed emotions on and that's the musical line up. It reads very much like acts have been chosen to 'tick the boxes' of the events target audience - and I totally get that but there's a little part of me that is a little bit let down that the organisers haven't seemed to take into account that adults musical tastes often move with the times. It would have been nice to see some bigger newer acts on the line-up to balance out and compliment the 'older ones'. Yes, The Proclaimers, The Farm and Ash are fun, it was good for the happy vibes of the festival but to be honest it just made me feel, well a bit old.

All in all a fun weekend :) divided Disclosure: I received a  free Press Pass for myself, Kitty and Ozzy to go along to Camp Bestival and share our thoughts. All opinions are our own and any links contained in this post are not paid for, simply ones that I think readers may find interesting.

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