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0 thoughts on “A private bluebell wood”

  1. It looks a truly Heavenly place to be . Reminds me of my childhood exploring local woodlands .

  2. What a wonderful job you have done,Annie. It could be paradise. Loved the sheep too. You clever Gal!!!!!

  3. Oh what a gorgeous post Annie…. and loved the recording. How magical that you saw those deer and I reckon you definitely did the right thing in not taking a picture but just enjoying the moment all to yourself. X

  4. so beautiful!!!! and i feel calm from these pictures for some reason. glad you were able to get outside and are feeling better. xx

  5. I absolutely loved listening the recording and looking at the pictures, If I could also smell the forest it could’ve been like a real thing.

  6. Oh I have wood envy sniggers.I must work quicker as I’ve recorded a woodpecker the other day whilst on my run in the woods, with the intention of putting it on my blog.Obviously you being a technical whizz knows how to do it better than me with my smartphone video.I don’t think I could ever tire of bluebells as I have them growing in my garden.

  7. We planted some bluebell bulbs in our garden last year, and they’ve come up. It really gives our urban garden a special feel – I know what you mean about them being ancient. Going to plant some more later this year! Stunning shots here, as ever.

  8. Great photos annie I haven’t been down in ages. I will have to go tomorrow now. Xx

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