A look at the Fujifilm POP Book app

Fujifilm POP Book
You don’t take a photograph, you make it
— Ansel Adams

I am a total photo hoarder when it comes to my iPhone and I love a good photo app so the Fujifilm POP BOOK app ticks all my boxes. I'm guilty of never printing any of my photos, something which I've vowed to change over the next few months - looking at photos online is great but there's something more real, more tactile, more special about holding a photograph that you have taken in your hand. As a child I used to love sitting down and rifling through our families holiday photos, rearranging the albums, something that my children have missed out on so far. You can use the POP BOOK app to turn your photos into a cute pocket sized photobook from £4.99 (price includes UK delivery).

Fujifilm POP Book

Fujifilm POP Book


FujiFilm's POP BOOK app let's you pick photos from your iphone or ipad, arrange them and order a sweet mini-photobook through the post.

The process is simple:

Download the Fujifilm POP Book app here (curreantly iOS only - Android is coming soon)

Open the app.

Photos: You can select photos to use from your mobile, Facebook or Instagram. Just 

tap to select. 

You’ll need 21 photos to fill a POP Book..

Cropping: The pages are square so you can crop your photos how you want.

Border: Select either a black or white border.

Filter: Choose a filter (optional).

Text: Add and position text on your photos.

Organise: Drag and drop your photos into the order you want them to and select an image for the cover.

Order: Select 'Order' and choose your size and finish. 

Create an account using your e-mail address, add you shipping details and allow 5 to 7 working days for it to arrive.

Fujifilm POP Book

Fujifilm POP Book


I really like my POP BOOK and think that this app is a really nice way of creating your own bespoke affordable gift for yourself or friends. For example, I recently traveled to Kenya to report for Comic Relief with Penny and Tanya. I could use the POP BOOK app to compile some of the photos of us all whilst in Kenya to send copies to each of us, a small reminder of our time together. 

If you have been on a holiday or special day out with friends or relatives I think turning your photos into a memento like that to be delivered to them makes for a thoughtful surprise and memory of the time spent together. Another lovely idea would be to compile a child's birthday party photos into one of these books to send - the books, at 10cm by 10cm or 13cm by 13cm, are the perfect size for little hands.

Fujifilm POP Book

Fujifilm POP Book

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