A Christmas Fairisle Tale

Oh man, these children! They are growing TOO fast. 

Take Ozzy for example: He's losing his chubby little cheeks and his legs are growing longer by the week and he is just the cheekiest boy I've ever met...


Kitty is still shy, preferring the company of books to people. 'Have you a fact book I can read daddy?' She is no longer at an age where she can be held over some moss behind a tree for a wee if caught short out of a walk, the look of disgust and indignation she gives if it's even suggested. 'I will wait for a PROPER toilet mummy'.


Some things remain the same, their love to explore the woods - only now they run ahead more, disappearing from sight regularly... 'Try and keep up mummy!'

They still love a bit of downtime, vegged out, snuggled up watching tv, but CBeebies and Peppa Pig have been replaced by CITV, Horrid Henry, Adventure Time and Almost Naked Animals, not to mention Big Time Rush. At night I stand outside Kitty's bedroom door and I don't hear the sound of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but instead whatever she's been hearing playing on Radio 1 in the car that day.


Aunty Stell, who passed away some months ago at the grand old age of 100 years always used to say 'They don't stay babies for long'. She never had children herself, but she had watched many grow up and have families of their own. It's an obvious statement I know, but it's so true. I find myself standing back a bit more, letting them take charge and lead the directions on walks, to run out of sight, to try the things I don't think they will like - after all *whispers* I don't know everything.

Snuggly knitwear shown comes courtesy of NEXT, who sent Kit and Ozzy personalised Santa Sacks - a lovely surprise and as you can see, Ozzy really liked his, so much he climbed right inside!