A Buff Boy

Exploring outdoors and superheros happen to be two of Ozzy’s favourite things at the moment. And so when choosing a Buff recently his eyes lit up when he spotted this Marvel Junior Bandana Buff over on Kitshack. With the family walking more and more and further as the children grow we have stared investing in more outdoor gear, walking boots and clothing more appropriate for a couple of hours walking. 

It’s been a period where I’ve realised just how fast they are growing, the days of having to bribe Ozzy on walks with packets of raisins and the promise of a packet of crisps in the car at the end are long gone. He no longer ambles slowly behind us on walks, no more complaints of imaginary ‘sore tummies’ designed to redirect us back to the car. Now he runs ahead ‘leading the way’, picking the route, the easiest path cowpats and mud, the hard tufts of grass to stepping stone across boggy New Forest ground.

Come on slowcoach!

— Ozzy

I’m no longer seen as the walking task-master mummy, but instead the ‘slowcoach’ walking behind him. Between you and me I like to hang back and let him get a good distance ahead, he gets a real boost from thinking he’s leading the way and exploring the best path to take and that in turn makes me happy. 

If I turn it around and run it flaps behind me like a superhero cape!

— Ozzy

Ozzys preferred way to wear the Buff is backwards ‘like a superhero cape’. It’s not on the official ‘ways to wear a Buff’ chart below but I think it would make a valid Junior addition.

Ozzy loves his new Buff, and trying to turn it into a bandana. It’s snug to wear and if he gets too hot he takes it off and wraps it round his wrist. Now the weather is getting warmer I can see him wearing it more as a pirate!

*Cue final cheesy grin photo*


Junior Marvel Bandana Buff from Kitshack.

Price: £21.00

Junior / Child Buff products are designed for kids aged 4 to 12 years old whose head circumference is between 19″ and 22″ or 50 – 55cm. The prints and patterns featured on Junior and Child products also reflect this age group. You can see all Kitshacks Junior Bandana Buffs here.

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