85. How Does Your Garden Grow?



Brrr! There’s literally nothing happening in the garden this week (that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration) so instead I’m looking back at 2014, with a photo from each HDYGG of 2014 (bar the few random posts I seem to have mislaid). 

Now this may take a million years, if your broadband is not kickass-fast, to load up so apologies if that’s the case.

It’s actually been a lovely thing to do, I did wonder if starting the year looking back at the last one was in some way a negative thing but actually the further I look back the more I see the sights of Spring, daffodils, crocus, lovely pink blossom, snowdrops. These things are all not too far away from us now and looking back has made me excited to look forward – and that can only be a positive thing!

I managed to get my bee-friendly Spring bulbs planted yesterday, just catching the last of 2014. Hopefully that’s not a massive faux pas being a. late and b. at a cold cold time.We shall see!

Bee friendly bulbs

Bee friendly bulbs

And finally a huge thanks to everyone who joined in with How Does Your Garden Grow in 2014, I best not start naming names as I know I’ll end up forgetting people and I don’t want to offend anyone!

Now, back to last week, some faves include: Gemma’s Christmas Wreath, Claudia’s contrasting (to here in the UK) garden growth and lushness, Kriss’s Fading Winter, Sara’s festive feelings (I am a sucker for lights on trees!) and Amanda’s frosty years end.

I suspect you might all be too hungover / have been too busy enjoying family time to join in this week, but in case any of you are joining me – here’s the linky!

How Does Your Garden Grow

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