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HDYGG 8. How does your garden grow?

Assorted flowers
Assorted flowers

Welcome to another How does your garden grow? And as I sit here, watching squirrels hop from tree to tree in so sort of furry display of acrobatics I am faced with an enormous task. The ‘quaint’ area that I have to the front that I had half-lazily deemed as a wildflower section has moved from being ‘rustic’ to ‘bloody overgrown’ in a matter of days. The time has come to do something about it, I’ve had the strimmer out already this morning but now I am faced with digging over the rock hard soil, weeding and tending to the herbs that are in there, somewhere. It’s times like these that I realise just how much easier the garden is to manage if I do little and often, rather than not a long seldomly.
My photos this week are a bit of a mash up, there are a few taken on my travels this week but most come from our garden, which as you can see is lacking finesse. I am very excited however to report that little apples are now growing on our apple tree. And not only apples but bees! Ok, well not growing on the tree but filling the garden, drawn to the promise of lavender and the little weedy flowers on the lawn, I know I should know their names but I don’t! These…are they some sort of clover?!

I think I have manged to distract from the lack of succulents again this week, I really do need to get motivated don’t I?

How’s your garden been growing this week? I’d love to take a lookie x

Favourites from last week include; lavender love, allotment efforts, a wheelbarrow tour and a magnificent change.

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