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0 thoughts on “Christmas Karaoke – We must NEVER speak of this again”

  1. I’ve said it before. I’m bound to say it again. But you’re a genius. I had to pause it 3 times because I was laughing and was worried I’d miss something.LittleMan danced along with the whole thing. He clearly likes your moves. And we’re terribly chuffed to be in a song, that’s never happened before.
    Merry Christmas Mammasaurus, my dear. xx

  2. RESPECT! That was amazing! Never speak of it again?! It was so brilliant everyone should be talking about it. I guarantee this will still be doing the rounds on blogs at Christmas time in years to come. Thanks for the mention in the song as well – you’ve made my day. Merry Christmas Annie x

  3. Well Lucy’s little boy was dancing along to that, your little 3yo was laughing at mine MTM and my little boy was stunned into silence watching you…. LOVE IT, youre very creative, I wish I had more time to make my own vids, but alas, must get back to making my mince pies….

  4. Ha ha! Apologies for not having gotten a reference to your ‘lovely beard’ in there but I feared that if I started singing about MusoDads lovely beard it might sound a bit rude and we don’t want a scandal at Christmas time!
    Merry Christmas Simon x

  5. I’m glad to have made Dear Beautiful Boy get his groove on – he’s such a cute thing that I just know he busts some cool moves!
    Queen Scamp also likes it, move over Mr Tumble there’s a new children’s entertainer in town!

  6. Feel free to point your laptop at your little boy and play the video on loop for a Silent Monday!
    Ooooo mince pies! I wish I had an oven *daydreams of warm freshly made pies*

  7. You are completely and utterly mental! It’s a good job you’ve found blogging… what ON EARTH did you fill your days with before??

  8. Are you kidding? I will be talking about this to everyone for a loooong time, and I suspect it may be a featured Vlog on Britmums – you may even have to watch it on big screen at Brit Mums Live!!!!!

  9. Haha! Don’t often swear but I laughed my arse off watching that.It was Fab-u-lous! Can’t believe you got so many blog names in. feel proper Christmassy now.

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