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I bet you look good at a festival…

Yep two from me today – one from a gig and one a montage of festivals with a birra Biffy – but can you spy me having a pint with SeaSick Steve in there ???

Head over to Boo and Me to see other peoples song from the best gig you have been to!

Boo and Me

0 thoughts on “I bet you look good at a festival…”

  1. Oh yes! Love your choices, as always! Cant beat a bit of Artic Monkeys πŸ˜€ Loving the festival montage too. Really hope my girls are into music so that we can do festivals together.And lastly..
    Mon the Biff!

  2. Fantastic choices and what a brilliant video! Great minds think alike on the Arctic Monkeys, of course :o) That Pulp song is amazing too – saw them in September, I love Jarvis. He is a very beautiful man.

  3. Pulp were amazing live – I have always loved them. I saw them at Hereford Leisure Centre and then at the Isle of Wight Festival -a bit of an odd pair! Hereford Leisure Centre was back in the day when they used to have a fake Jarvis come out on stage and mime for half a song before the real Jarvis came out and every one went HOW?WHAT?EH? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!Your mummy has impeccable taste!

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