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0 thoughts on “How to deal with hurtful comments on your blog aka Troll Hunting For Beginners”

  1. Great stuff, Mmmmmmm Gin, anyway I don’t why that Troll in yer photo is looking so smug, he’s an outtie bellybutton the size of the empire state building!!

  2. Yep don’t feed the trolls! I have seen some really hurtful stuff over the last year as a result I really did want to pack blooging all in.There are ways to find out who the person is should it start up again.Well done for bouncing back so quickly

  3. Brilliant, Mammasaurus! A literary genius and a fab mummy – its easy for people to get jealous and write nasty things, but you have handled it all very well x

  4. I have found that the Cyberworld can be a breeding ground for these awful creature. As a mum of a large family myself I can understand how manic life can be and things do go un-noticed.It doesn’t make you the devil’s spawn or heaven forbid a bad parent-it makes you human. I think the world would be such a boring place if everyone was perfect. Keep doing what you do best Mammasauras and please continue to share your findings witht the rest of us.

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