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0 thoughts on “An apology and why I may be about to burn in blogger hell”

  1. I think you’re worrying far too much but that’s a nice quality in a person and shows you are conciencous. These things happen don’t worry and Pippa is lovely sure she won’t think anything of it and I’m sure certainly wouldn’t think you had copied. Don’t lose sleep over it!!

  2. I have a linky on my blog and yes, sometimes we do see them as “our babies”. I actually had a lady back in the states (I am American, but live in the UK) “steal” my idea, then tell me she was stealing my idea and didn’t care if I cared or not. She called it something else, but had it on the same day and had the same idea. I was pretty upset. Here is the difference between my situation and your situation: you cared. You emailed her apologized and told her you would quit doing it. I applaud that. There is room in the blogosphere for two ppl to both have caption it posts/silentsundays/ssshhhhsundays. Believe me, the photobloggers LOVE a good excuse to caption a photo or post a photo. I hope you get a positive response from Pippa, she’s a totally nice person and completely reasonable. Good luck. Chin up. These things happen.

  3. I agree with Baby Genie. Pippa at At Mother’s Ramblings is abosolutely lovely. I really wouldn’t worry yourself about this. Have a chat with her via email if you like, I’m sure it will put your mind at rest.

  4. There is enough room in the blogosphere for everyone and it is just a coinidence that you and Pippa had a similar idea at a similar time. You don’t have the same readership so I don’t think you’ll be “stealing” anyone from each other. And, at the end of the day, each of your ideas/memes will develop in their own way. Have a chat to Pippa off line, carry on with what you’re doing and see where it all ends up.

  5. I think you shouldn’t worry too much – great minds think alike as they say, and it *is* a great idea for a meme, so it’s not that surprising perhaps that you’d both think of it. After all, there’s not just Silent Sunday: I’ve seen Wordless Wednesday and This Moment (A Friday Ritual) which are all the same thing just for different days. Like Nickie says above, your meme will develop in its own way as each of those has.
    Hope you get a positive response from the other person who had the idea (I don’t know her or her blog).


  6. Couldn’t agree more. I read A Mother’s Ramblings too but I noticed your linky first and loved it. I will probably go and look for hers now and do them both, so it could end up as publicity. Who knows, maybe a partnership is in the offing 😉 There are loads of Silent Sunday-style linkys and there are 10’s of thousands of bloggers, so I for one would not worry. If you want to do something really bad, find a blogger’s post that is almost a replica of one you did previously, and put a link to yours in their comment section. Now that’s really bad, or so I know now, with a wiser head on than I used to have – ooops! We live and learn.

  7. I agree with what everyone else has said. I’m sure it will be fine. It makes me want to do both, so that’s a good thing surely? X

  8. I appreciate why you would feel so defensive about this. Bloggers are protective of their ideas, and a lot of the “oh the blogosphere is big enough for two of the same idea” is said through gritted teeth. In my view, the idea may not be unique but the person pushing it is. So go for it. 🙂

  9. Thank you all, I have heard from Pippa now and you are all right she is lovely. Feeling much perkier about it all – now all I have to deal with is a spotty (chickenpoxy maybe) pre-schooler !

  10. Well I read another blogger’s post on how rude it was to put your own link in someone else’s comment section so I immediately felt very guilty and haven’t done it since. I wonder what everyone else’s view is now

  11. Actually Mummy – I think maybe that’s a good idea for a post ! I haven’t done that so far but I have had people lieave their links in my comments and my feelings are that if it’s relevant then go for it !

  12. I had a very similar thing happen to me. Another blogger in the group I associate with, both came up with very similar ideas for a meme at almost the same time. Hers took off, mine didn’t. I stopped mine and started joining in on hers and directing the very few readers I had had for mine to do the same. I must admit, I don’t really know the blogger you mentioned, but everyone says she’s really nice, so I wouldn’t worry over-much.

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