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0 thoughts on “Letters to the Tooth Fairy . . .”

  1. Love it. My mum used to write back as the Tooth Fairy and I was pretty convinced for several years! Oh, and Charlie & Lola have a lot to answer for in our house …

  2. I had to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining that a tooth had been lost at school, eldest daughter was distraught on walk home wailing that the tooth fairy wasn’t going to leave her a “fairy ยฃ1 coin” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Loving the blog!

  3. My mum used to write back, in tiny self made envelopes with glitter in….However, one time there was a note under the pillow that she probably wasn’t expecting.. it went a little something like this:
    Dearest Tooth Fairy,
    I would like it if you would fix it for me for Mrs Perkins to be my mum. I like her.
    Thanks Laura

    Mrs Perkins was one of the Primary school teachers, not even my teacher, just one I obviously liked & thought would do a better job at raising me!

    The Tooth Fairy wrote back as usual:
    I am sure your mummy loves you lots & lots
    Tooth Fairy

    Now when I did find out a few years later that the Tooth Fairy was in fact my mum, my mind instantly went to this letter! I have never mentioned it, but as a mother now, I can only imagine how utterly shit reading that letter made my mum feel… especially as she then had to leave me some cash!

    As a side note, my kept all my baby teeth, with dates etc written on the envelopes, she gave them to me recently, along with my first hair cut, my first ballet outfit… oh & my dad’s haircut in the 80’s when he cut his ponytail off…
    Hmmmm perhaps I was going along the right track when I thought mrs Perkins would be a better deal!
    Apologies for the MASSIVE comment! lol

  4. This post is absolutely beautiful. I really love the ‘I like you tooth fairy’ at the bottom of Holly’s letter. Just gorgeous!

  5. Love the letters. My faith in the tooth fairy was destroyed when my mum left an IOU note under my pillow as she didn’t have any change. IT WAS IN HER HANDWRITING!!! She insists she can’t remember doing it but how could I forget my illusions being shattered?

  6. Mothers have a lot to answer for ! The betrayal of a mother is a mental scar for life lol my mum told me that if I ate my readybrek up that I would glow like the kid on the advert – and I believed her ! Imagine my utter despair when my best friend informed me I was not glowing after a week !

  7. I DO have my dad’s ponytail from the 80’s!!!! Only found it recently when I went through the bits my mum gave me.. Oddly enough he has just moved away from here.. I THINK I may have to send it to him & completely freak him out! I am slightly disturbed that my mum kept it AND THEN chose to give it to me!?

  8. Dear tooth fairycan you come tonight because i
    want a tooth fairies the most special certificate.please and a letter i would be very exsited about tonight please come with the certificate and letter tonight
    lots of love
    lauren hefferxxx

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