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Gazing upon our children's  faces and their expectant, inquisitive eyes, one cannot help to feel a sense of nostalgia.  Queen Scamp and Ozzy had a moment of pint-sized enlightenment this morning when the penny finally dropped that there are only a few doors left to open on their advent calendar - as Scamp so eloquently put it - "Five sleeps till MissMass! Yippee!"

I wish I could slip into a giant hot-tub full of custard and mince pies for the evening but alas a cheap bottle of merlot and half a tube of ready salted Pringles is the rather disappointing reality. So I am taking time to indulge myself in some festive nostalgia of my own and writing a little bit about my fondest festive childhood memory. If you care to join me then feel free to do so and you can click to enter your link and view the Linky Tools list...

One Christmas way back in the 1980's as my younger brother lined up his presents of a Star Wars At-At and  Millennium Falcon I was busying my self with something far more special. A gift so cool and truly astounding the childhood me that even now I get a tingle of joy thinking of opening it! I am of course talking about...

A Paddington Bear Stationary Set.

I kid you not, this floated my boat and to this day is a gift that has not been beaten. Not that I haven't ever been given anything 'bigger' or 'more expensive' but for sheer 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' factor this arrangement of Paddington Bear pencils, erasers, note pad and the like cannot be beaten.

I am unsure of my exact age at the time and if my mother happens to be reading this, come on mater I know you have subscribed, maybe she can enlighten me as to how old I was. It was a period when I believed Father Christmas  was real and when the Christmas Tree looked 20 foot tall and just imagining that that is how Queen Scamp and Ozzy are feeling at the moment is filling me with festive cheer.

Yes I admit this year it's taken me a while to find my festive mojo but it's here now and so I'm going to revel in it before the 'come-down' on Boxing Day!

If you can't be arsed to write a whole post about your favourite festive childhood memory then feel free to share another way - tweet me, comment or write it on a bauble, tie that bauble to a pigeon and send it to:


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