The End. Final words and a Linky


Well it's been an emotional week. The whole concept of having a week of talking about how mental health problems has affected my life in support of the wonderful Black Dog Tribe seemed like a great idea on Tuesday. It still seemed a good plan come Wednesday but I have to admit come Thursday I was struggling. I find comfort in hiding behind a jovial 'wocka wocka' here and a *jiggle jiggle* there and so being so open for consecutive days has taken it out of me. Roll on tomorrow when I get to post up a silly photo for Saturday Is Caption Day! To round up the week I thought I'd bring things to a close with a Linky for others to post up links to any posts that they have written that they feel relevant. Posts covering any aspect of mental health, depression, PND - anything at all are most welcome, I'll tweet your links out all day and I'd love nothing more than to kick back with some chocolate, that someone very kindly sent me yesterday, and have a read.

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I learnt a lot over the past few days, I'm stronger than I think I am, that the power of the blogosphere is empowering and inspiring from the comments and tweets of support  I have received and that speaking out about difficult things can be a positive thing.

One comment really struck a chord with me and made me think. The comment was from OlderMum and it went like this:

"If you had been suffering from the flu or cancer those around you would have been sympathetic etc but when it comes to mental illness you are told to pull yourself together and treated with impatience. There is no diference between mental or physical suffering...Those that aren’t suffering find it difficult to understand that its often very difficult to control your behaviour when you are so totally caught up in the web of any mental disturbance."

Just because people told me at the time that I was a bad person that doesn't make it true. I should not have been judged so harshly and conversely I should not judge those people as they cannot begin to understand and appreciate what I was going through.

As for living in cloud cuckoo land? Well it's nice up here - the air is pure and yes, sometimes I have felt so low that the ground could have enveloped me but I have had so many joyous highs too. Yes I'm a bit odd and unpredictable but I'm also a creative and imaginative beastie and I'm happy being me - even if I do have mental health problems, there's nothing to be ashamed about.

I'm having a cry right now, and it's not a sad cry either. Getting peoples thoughts this week have really helped me look at things differently and feel better about myself as a person. The support you have given me has made a huge difference and that's how Black Dog Tribe will make a difference - helping people to help others and themselves at the same time.